Corporate Cakes

Make a tasty statement with a corporate cake created especially for your company by Danielle Kattan Cakes. Corporate cakes and cookies are an increasingly popular way to celebrate certain milestones or achievements within a company. Usually fairly big in size, a corporate cake can be baked to feed as many people as you wish!

Cakes are a brilliant way to promote your product, service or brand. As a company or organization, having a branded cake at your celebration or event will ensure your name and logo will be widely seen as undoubtedly everyone will want a piece, meaning your product gets exposed to a wide audience.

fondant corporate cake

If you have a company event coming up and would like to celebrate the occasion with a corporate cake from Danielle Kattan Cakes, give us a call today to let us know your plans and ideas and we will be happy to give you any suggestions and an overview of what we can do for you.

We can create one large corporate cake or a number of corporate cupcakes depending on your requirements. Perhaps you’d even like to combine the two to have a main cake with matching cupcakes, whatever you are in need of, we are confident you will love our corporate cakes.