Signature Cakes

Danielle Kattan Cakes presents the newest addition to the collection; Signature Cakes

Perfect for weddings, our signature cakes have a number of ways you can customize it to your specifications, from color to size to specific details.

Our signature collection provides a perfect alternative option for those not wanting to worry about cake flavor combinations or wanting to try something new. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, Danielle Kattan signature cakes moves away from the traditional vanilla and chocolate iced cakes to more succulent and unique flavors.

Danielle Kattan signature cakes also require a shorter lead time so if you are looking for an eye-catching delicious masterpiece for a last minute wedding or event, just get in touch to find out more about what Danielle Kattan Cakes can do for you.

Signature Cakes Flavors


  • Southern Diva

Moist vanilla and chocolate flavors filled with whisky southern caramel and Madagascar vanilla buttercream finished up with a swirly combination of delicious southern caramel sauce and more buttercream.

  • Ottoman Pistachio

Succulent pistachio and coffee layers filled with bold dark chocolate ganache all finished up with a tasty combination of buttercream and more ganache.

  • Cleo’s Almond and Coconut

Light moist layers of almond and coconut semolina cake filled with orange blossom buttercream iced with a swirly combination of coconut and orange blossom buttercream.

  • Moctezuma Chocolate

Layers of lightly spiced chocolate cake filled with a light chipotle(optional) raspberry preserves and bold chocolate ganache finished up with a swirly combination of raspberry buttercream and ganache.

  • Zen Indulgence

Zesty lemon layers and Chai Tea layers all filled with lemon curd buttercream and finished up with a swirly combination of vanilla buttercream and lemon curd.

  • Vanilla Victoria

Layers of light vanilla cake are soaked with a Champagne syrup and filled with strawberry & Champagne preserve and Champagne infused buttercream.